What’s it like to commission a stained glass project?

I love working with clients on special projects and gifts. These custom pieces are unforgettable and last for generations.

You will get personal concierge-type service, a gorgeous totally customized stained glass panel, beautiful gift-ready presentation, and bragging rights for possibly indefinitely 🙂

Check out photos of some of my past projects.

Share your idea with me and we’ll discuss some general specifications, like the approximate size and the feeling you’d like the piece to convey. With this information, I’ll draw a design for you to review. If you like it, great! We’ll select colors and I’ll start construction on the piece. If you want to change certain elements of the design, no problem – I will not be offended 😉 My highest priority is that you’re happy with your piece. We’ll revise the design until you’re satisfied.

Aren’t stained glass commissions just for big windows?

I specialize in small-sized commissions. I can design them to be hung in a window, on a wall like any piece of art, or even freestanding on a mantle or bookshelf.

Most of my custom stained glass artworks are under 2 square feet in size, many even under 1 square foot. An 8×10 size is perfect if you’re looking for a special gift that can be displayed anywhere and one that people can easily take with them when they move.

You can even commission me for unique suncatchers – like one client who ordered suncatchers of her friend’s favorite flowers, or another who ordered specially-colored pawprints for her daughter’s softball team.

I have several stained glass suncatchers listed in my Etsy shop that can be ordered with custom colors and personalization for less than $10 more than the normal retail price.

What kind of pieces do you work on?

Yours, silly! Your idea will be transformed into artwork – each one is one-of-a-kind with totally unique glass selection. I love creating pieces that have a sense of serenity, or are fun and make people smile. I try to stay away from what you might think of as “your grandmother’s stained glass” – but if that’s your style, I’m happy to comply! 🙂

I get a lot of requests for:

  • Pet portraits (so fun)
  • Kids’ Artwork Project (this is where I transform your child’s art into a stained glass panel… it’s awesome, ’nuff said)
  • Reproductions of photographs (love these!)
  • Nameplates for kids’ rooms, monograms, anniversary keepsakes

Many of my pieces have overlays, which means they have more than one layer, giving them a 3D effect. I also like to design pieces that are not traditional square/round shapes.

I’ve done several pieces based on client photographs, like landscapes of a favorite spot. I can embed poems or other sayings into my pieces – these are great for weddings or special occasions. I can also paint on top of the glass to add design elements, names, dates, or other personalization.

See what other clients have to say about working with me.

How long does it take to make a custom piece?

I am a one-woman shop and I don’t outsource any part of my process. Each design is hand-drawn, and every piece of glass is hand selected, cut, ground, and fit into your panel precisely.

Approximate turnaround for commissions smaller that 1 square foot is 30 days – that’s from design to delivery. Some custom pieces can be finished faster and larger pieces take longer. If you need a piece on a rush, just let me know, and I’ll do what I can to make it happen.

Are stained glass commissions expensive?

Traditional stained glass art is an intensively manual craft, but I think you’ll find my prices fair and reasonable. Smaller commissioned projects start under $100.

If you’re commissioning something as a gift, why not chip in with a few friends/relatives? You’ll find you can give something truly amazing for the same price you’d each spend on something far less memorable.

Let me know your price range and I will do my best to design something we can both work with.

Email me at laura@peaceloveglass.com to get started or message me directly from my Contact page.

Get your ideas flowing!

Some of my commissioned projects include:

  • Reproduction of the Woodstock festival poster
  • Fun panels of the family pet – cats and dogs especially!
  • Desert scene for a family’s vacation home
  • Large suncatchers of best friend’s favorite flowers
  • Rocketship and outer space scene for a little boy’s room
  • Name art for kids and new babies
  • Reproduction of a photograph of a cherished vacation spot
  • Special poems & sayings, set into glass designs